“Man, you guys are a bunch of douchebags!”

What would movies be without those douches who annoy the main character? We wouldn’t get the satisfaction of seeing their smug faces getting punched out or seeing them nailed in the crotch at the end of the movie. Here’s some clips of our favorite douches.

Shooter Mcgavin proves he’s a douche by talking in the third person, and ryhming.

Shooter gets mad at the Happy Gilmore fans.

Walter Peck, “This man has no dick”

Rob Lowe wants Wayne and Garth to give in to their sponsors, they don’t play like that.

Garth explores Benjamin’s douchey apartment.

Benjamin is revealed as the douch he is, Super Awesome Bonus: Robert Patrick is the T-1000!!!

Powers Boothe (who isn’t a douche) talks about Vice President Daniels of 24 (who is a douche)

Biff Tannen gets owned

Marty has the “Eye of the Tiger”

Thomas F. Wilson (not a douche) sings about Back to the Future

Johnny Lawrence is bringing Sexyback apparentley.

Johnny vs. Daniel: The ultimate Showdown

Someone remixed Ferris Bueller with Requiem for a Dream, oook, at least it’s got some Ed Rooney in there for ya.

A bunch of Ferris Bueller, more Ed Rooney:

That’s it for this installment. Let us know if you find video of Earl Boen or Kurt Fuller.

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