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Great Scott these videos are Heavy!

Posted on May 1, 2007 by

Well gang, we’ve finally come to the big season finale. You’ll have to get your fill of videos for a while, or will you? (insert creepy laugh here) Anyways here we go, videos for one top three trilogies of all time.

Marty plays Johnny B. Goode with the Best Lip Syncing ever!!!! That liquid dripping from your screen is sarcasm.

An epic tribute to the trilogy

Get ready for the ride of your life on the BTTF ride at Universal (R.I.P.)

Michael Jackson and BTTF – it’s like peanut butter and jelly (one guess whose the nut!)

Huey Lewis shows us the “Power of Love”

He also brought us “Back in Time”

The ominous original trailer for part one

Found out there are some awesome BTTF mods for the GTA games on PC.

You can’t have BTTF vids without one of the greatest trailer remixes of all time “Brokeback to the Future”.

The Tubular Trilogy Trailer

Who knew there was so much fighting in BTTF?

When you have Huey Lewis for the first movie it’s only logical to have ZZ Top for the third.

Wait a Second, You’re telling me there were two actresses who played Jennifer? and one of them was Elisabeth “The Karate Kid” Shue? Well you just blew my mind friend.

Yes, of course there was a crappy cartoon for BTTF!

The brilliant Angry Video Game Nerd dissects the BTTF NES game.

Michael: “Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject. So you know you are getting the best possible information.” Case in point, the BTTF Timeline

Back to the Future Timeline

And that’s all folks! unless I find something awesome in which case you know where to find it, right here on the site.


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