You gotta send a maniac to catch a maniac

Words to live by Sly.  And it’s a great introduction to this week’s bonus videos.  So let’s get right into it, shall we?


Simon Phoenix busts out of jail:

Phoenix hacks a future ATM/Info Booth and takes down some of SA’s finest:

“What’s your boggle?”

Who do you turn to for fast, rambling speeches about nothing? Yup, Denis Leary

Sting gives us “Demolition Man”:

Sega CD version of Demolition Man:

Promo for the Demolition Man pinball machine, gets awkward and disturbing near the end:

The opening sequence in apocalyptic 1996:

Stallone becomes an ice cube:

The final battle between John Spartan and Simon Phoenix:

Couldn’t find any video of the Taco Bell scene so here’s some guys rapping in a Taco Bell drive  thru:

Future Sex, nuff said:

All those jingles reminded us of this classic Human Giant sketch:

Picks of the Week:


Family Guy: Blue Harvest

Attack Force Memorial Shame of the Week Award:

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, or as it should be known, One Tree Hill with Robots:

That’s all for this week, We’re gonna see Rambo this weekend and give you a full rundown, if you see it let us know what you think of it.

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