We are the Champions

of bonus videos that is. Well, it’s Wednesday, the Giants pulled off the upset, and it’s time for some great sports movie videos.

Gordon Bombay meets the Ducks:

Drive by Pucking:

Ducks vs. Hawks, who will win?!?!:

The second most obvious choice for music beside “We Will Rock You”, “Eye of the Tiger”:

We Mighty Ducks are descended from Hercules himself:

I didn’t see one on there but the full D2 is up on youtube, here’s part one where Coach Bombay is playing in the minor leagues with a shot at the majors:

Scenes from Dawson’s Creek or D3?, you decide:

Stan Marsh is “Bummin on Cancer”:

The Red Wings face South Park PeeWee:

And there are apparently no clips from Little Giants on youtube so I’m going to have to improvise, first here’s Rick Moranis in Spaceballs:

Madden is in Little Giants, Frank Caliendo does a perfect impression of Madden, hence this video:

It’s in Italian but here’s the clip where the Angels first come to help the Angels:

Unfortunately I couldn’t find “Inside the Disney Vault” or “Bambi 2000” but here’s something just as good, Ray Lewis in “Ray of Light”:

Rookie of the Year best of vid:

And now, Life Lessons from Gary Busey:

Yeah, there’s no Big Green clips on youtube either, damn slackers, but in honor of 80’s month here’s the trailer for Short Circuit with Steve Guttenberg:

Like I said, second best use of “Tequila” in a movie:

Ok, so I guess the Sandlot kids are descended from Hercules himself:

I couldn’t find the trailer for Sandlot 2 but unfortunately I found the trailer for 3, it’s probably one of the horrible things I’ve ever seen:

Picks of the Week:

Yup, so we were both wrong in thinking the Patriots would win. Here’s an extended cut of one of the best commercials from the big game, Will Ferrell for Bud Light:

That’s all the sports goodness we can fit this week, be sure to tune in next week for the start of 80’s month with everybody’s favorite, The Goonies. It’s gonna be tubular to the max!

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