You have to do the Truffle Shuffle before watching these videos

Did you do it? OK, now we can take a look at some great Goonies videos and whatever else I can think of.


Truffle Shuffle:

Chunk confesses to the Fratellis:

Chunk also confesses to Jack Bauer:

The truffle shuffle makes you impervious to bullets:

The video for (Goonies are) Good Enough by Cindy Lauper, with Captain Lou!

A moment of silence for the fallen of season 5 of 24, Sean Astin being one of them:

Yes, another whole movie up on youtube, take that corporations!

Josh Brolin gets asked the most important question during his “No Country” press tour, What’s up with the Goonies sequel?:

Random Clips:

Movie mistakes:

Sloth and his brothers play jump rope:


The awesome NES adventure game sequel, The Goonies II:

Goonies and Pirates of the Caribbean, a match made in heaven:

Kinda had a tangent about the Beagle Boys this week so here’s a Ducktales episode:

Picks of the Week:

Brian- Cloverfield:

Zach- Lost Season 4

“Everything you need to know about Lost in 8 minutes and 15 seconds”:

That’s it for this week, next week is week 2 of 80’s month with The Last Starfighter. Send us an e-mail or post your thoughts about it in the forum.

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