“I’ve been to another planet, Ma.”

And I’ve been scrounging around on youtube to find some awesome videos for The Last Starfighter.  Let’s kick it off, shall we?


A bunch of great scenes, they really highlight the bitchin’ CG:

A taste of the the awesome score by Craig Safan:

Wow, talk about a blast from the past; Remember read along books and cassette tapes?:

Some more clips from the movie:

Not exactly Lance Guest’s shining moment, Jaws: The Revenge:

Said it once, I’ll say it again; Galaga is the Shit!:

Thanks to the Today show we know that 80’s arcade games are back:

Picks of the Week:


Barkley Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden:



Michael Clayton:

American Gangster:

Hopefully that fulfills your bonus video fix for the week.  Be sure to check out our forums and to also enter our iTunes Comment Contest (details in the post below).  Next week 80’s month kicks into high gear as we face off against Ivan Drago with Rocky IV.

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