New Release Round-Up*

*If anyone can think of something more clever, let us know.

It’s Tuesday and all the wonderful new DVDs, Games and such come out and it’s also the first post of our weekly round-up of said media.  So here we go.


The Big Lebowski 10th Anniversary set

Child’s Play 20th Anniversary

Kill Bill 1 and 2 on Blu Ray

Kick Ass Pick of the Week (DVD):

The Forbidden Kingdom (Two-Disc Special Edition + Digital Copy)

Jackie Chan and Jet Li are together at last in The Forbidden Kingdom.  The story has a kid in present day Boston who loves kung fu movies who is forced to help some street toughs rob his favorite Chinatown store.  A few things go wrong and the kid gets possession of a magical staff that transports him to a magical version of ancient China.  He meets up with Jackie Chan and Jet Li who train him and they all take off on an adventure to rescue the Monkey King from an evil warlord.  It’s really fun and there’s some cool wire fu going on.  The only downside is that they should have had Li and Chan together a lot sooner.


Entourage Entourage Season 5


Hole in the Wall



So there you go, plenty to keep you busy till next week.  Come back tomorrow for some awesome bonus videos for this summer’s big movies.

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