We’re giving you tons of cash, a G5 and bonus videos

All right, the first two aren’t true, we aren’t Les Grossman, but we can give you some awesome bonus videos from this summer’s big movies.

Iron Man and Batman try to convince you why their respective movies are better:

Real Life Kung Fu Pandas, not as exciting:

“Go Speed Racer Go” music video

-Fun Fact: Did you know that an episode of the old Speed Racer cartoon had the same plot as the movie Gymkata?

What do you automatically think of when someone says “Chronicles of Narnia”?  That’s right, Lazy Sunday.

Indiana Jones takes on his greatest challenge, the ladies of Sex and the City:

The “best” scenes from You Don’t Mess with the Zohan:

Want to see all the crazy deaths from The Happening? Here they are:

Now you everyone can easily come up with twist endings, just like M. Night with the Twist Generator:

Stewie walks away sad to the sad walking away music from the Incredible Hulk:

A tribute to the classic that is Pumping Iron with Arnold and Lou “Incredible Hulk” Ferigno:

Steve Carrell has some airplane bathroom troubles in Get Smart:

Instead of suffering through anything from The Love Guru lets just watch the classic Justin Timberlake SNL Sketch “Omletteville”:

Wall-E just hanging out in the junkyard:

Hancock helps out the LAPD during a bank robbery:

How can we have a movie with Jason Bateman and not mention Arrested Development?

Hellboy invades Ghost Hunters, Inside the Actor’s Studio, American Gladiators and more:

While searching for Wanted clips I found the music video for Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive”, which is infinitely more enjoyable:

Fun Fact: The Earth’s core is powered by “Don’t Stop Believing”:

The much talked about pencil trick by the Joker:

Batman might need to see someone about his throat condition:

I’m suprised the Shutterbugs didn’t think of this first, The Dark Knight trailer reenacted by kids:

Tim Burton and Jack Nicholson went for a different kind of tone with the original Batman movie, and by tone I mean Prince music:

“Dad, it’s Shark Week!!”:

Brennan and Dale want to build bunk beds:

Huff N’ Doback presents “Boats N’ Hoes”, a Prestige Worldwide video:

Video evidence of how stupid The Mummy 3 is, specifically 1:13 seconds in:

The Pineapple Express Comic Con panel, the highlight of which is the Human Giant boys crashing the Q&A line and asking nothing but Frank Miller related questions:

Ben Stiller decides that he, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. need to make a viral video for Tropic Thunder:

The trailer for “Rain of Madness” the fake documentary for the fake movie in the movie, my brain hurts (oh, it’s also free on iTunes):

So there you go, a whole summer of craziness in one post. Be sure to come back tomorrow for our first weekly top 5 list.

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