Yo Adrian…oops Wrong Movie

Yeah, we’re actually talking Cliffhanger today, specifically bonus videos.  So grab some Mountain Dew and throw on some Right Guard Extreme because it might get a little crazy.

First up, the truly epic trailer:

A sweded version of the trailer:

The opening, seemingly the only part of the movie anyone remembers:

Qualen sends Gabe to get the first suitcase, really an excuse for Stallone to get down to a baby tee and turn his hat backward:

Someone added Price is Right sound effects to the opening scene, which is kind of brilliant:

Jim Carrey spoofs the opening of Cliffhanger in Ace Venture 2: When Nature Calls:

I think Tom Cruise wants to challenge Stallone to Cliffhang-Off:

I put that up so I’m obligated to put this up, Ben Stiller is Tom Crooze:

The truly awful Cliffhanger SNES game:

A montage of clips from Cliffhanger:

Negotiation with Eric Qualen:

A look at all the awesome deaths from Cliffhanger, courtesy of me:

A look at some of the most unnecessary characters ever, the Bros from Cliffhanger:

That’s it for now, come back to the site tomorrow for an extreme top 5 list.

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