New Release Round Up 10/21

There’s a crapload of new DVDs and Video Games coming out this week so let’s get right into it.

Casino Royale (Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray)

Bond Blu-Ray collections (Dr. No, Die Another Day, Live and Let Die, For Your Eyes Only, From Russia With Love, Thunderball). Two three packs available and all available separate.

The Strangers

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Blu-Ray)

Diary of the Dead (Blu-Ray)

Family Guy Vol. 6

Pick of the Week: The Incredible Hulk

The sleeper of the summer finally comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray. Ed Norton stars as Bruce Banner, on the run from the military led by William Hurt’s General Thunderbolt Ross and Tim Roth’s Emil Blonsky because of his gamma powered alter ego. It’s got tons of action, lots of comic nerd service and it continues the Marvel connections started by Iron Man. I hope this doesn’t get overlooked in our crazy post-Dark Knight world. One of the big selling points is the alternate opening where Bruce flees to the Arctic. If you believe the director, Louis Letterier, then you can see Captain America frozen in the ice. This movie makes you wish someone would “HULK SMASH!!!” the Ang Lee version out of existence.

Video Games

Fable II

FarCry 2

Midnight Club: Los Angeles


Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Wii Music

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia:

And there you go, hopefully you didn’t get buried under all those discs. On a different note, be sure to follow us on Twitter. I’m, Brian is and the podcast is

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