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Shall We Watch Some Videos?

Posted on November 26, 2008 by

Wednesday means it’s time for some bonus videos.  Thankfully there’s a lot more videos for WarGames then Man on Fire last week so let’s get into it.


David and Jennifer hack into WOPR:

Malvin is the ubernerd:

The rather tense opening scene:

David is arrested for being a Russian spy and escapes NORAD using his MacGyver skills:

WOPR calls David to continue the game:

Falkner flies David and Jennifer to NORAD and tries to convince everyone that WOPR is making up everything:

WOPR learns Tic Tac Toe:

There’s a trinity of computer nerd movies that consists of WarGames, Sneakers and Hackers, here’s the trailer for Sneakers:

And here’s the trailer for Hackers:

The trailer for the game DEFCON, which is basically playing Global Thermonuclear War from WarGames:

You can download the game from http://www.introversion.co.uk/defcon/

The trailer for WarGames: The Dead Code:

The song “Video Fever” from the soundtrack:

Crosby, Stills and Nash wrote a song for the movie that was never used:

R. Lee Ermey takes us on a tour of the real NORAD:

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