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RoboCop Rap

December 19, 2008

Way back in season one, we covered “RoboCop” on the podcast. While I’d like to think we did a good job, leave it to a random YouTube video to do a better recap. Or should I say re-RAP?

Admit One 12/19

December 19, 2008

Happy Will Smithmas everyone!  Yes, it seems like in addition to the summer’s Big Willy Day over the last couple years we’ve also had Will Smithmas where the Fresh Prince shows us his acting chops in some more dramatic movies.  There’s been “The Pursuit of Happyness” “I Am Legend” and this year we have the […]

Top 5: Fictional Government Agencies

December 18, 2008

Sometimes the police, or even the FBI or CIA, are not enough to handle things, like for instance if aliens invade.  For times like that you need to call in one of these agencies to come kick ass and take names. 5. CONTROL (Get Smart) CONTROL is an agency in Washington DC who work to […]

“What can I say? I’m a spy.”

December 17, 2008

Well, it’s Wednesday and time to scour youtube for some exciting True Lies clips.  Let’s see Arnold do his best James Bond impression. Trailer:


Greatest Motivational Speech Ever

December 14, 2008

The Internet brings us the greatest motivational speech of all time, cut from all the other great speeches in movie history.  Watch it and get pumped for whatever you have to get done.

Admit One 12/12: The Day New Movies Came Out

December 12, 2008

This week we have the counter programming duo of the comedy Nothing but the Holidays and the Sci Fi remake The Day the Earth Stood Still. Oh, and Clint Eastwood is hanging around as well.  Let’s see who the judges liked more. The Day the Earth Stood Still Starring: Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Conelly Directed by: […]

Top 5: Athletes Turned Actors

December 11, 2008

Nowadays it seems that the big trend is rappers turned actors but another trend was professional athletes who got into the acting game.  For some it amounted to a gimmick but some have had a lasting legacy on Hollywood. 5. Michael Jordan Michael Jordan appeared in only one major movie, Space Jam.  However he had […]