These Videos aren’t Expendable

Tie on your headbands and get those explosive arrowheads ready because it’s time for some action packed Rambo 2 bonus videos.


Power Ballad master Frank Stallone brings us “Peace in our Life”:

Rambo’s botched jump into Vietnam:

Rambo is tortured for information by the evil Russians:

A montage of scenes from Rambo II:

Rambo suits up and goes a killin’:

Rambo blows up the worst shot in movie history:

Rambo takes over the Russian attack chopper:

After taking over the chopper Rambo proceeds to blow the shit out of Vietnam:

After getting the POWs back to base, Rambo heads off to deal with Murdock:

“What is it you want?”:

Weird Al parodies Rambo 2 in UHF:

Charlie Sheen takes a stab at Rambo as well:

The Angry Video Game Nerd takes a look the horrible Rambo games:

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