“What can I say? I’m a spy.”

Well, it’s Wednesday and time to scour youtube for some exciting True Lies clips.  Let’s see Arnold do his best James Bond impression.


Arnold gets his tango on with Tia Carrere and Jamie Lee Curtis:

Arnold drops a classic one liner:

Siskel and Ebert review “True Lies”:

Arnold deals with some goons in a bathroom and then chases the evil Aziz on horseback:

Arnold meets the sleazy car salesman Simon, played by Bill Paxton:

Simon tries to get some action by pretending to be a spy:

Arnold wasn’t too happy about Simon putting the moves on his wife:

The scene that most people know from True Lies, where Jamie Lee Curtis does a striptease for Arnold.  Please take not about how creepy Arnold is in this scene:

Aziz’s cameraman runs out of battery during his big speech:

Arnold has a visit with the Dentist:

Jamie Lee Curtis vs. Tia Carerre, Meow!:

Some clips from Arnold taking down the terrorist camp and the Harriers blowing the shit out of the terrorist vans:

Arnold drops probably one of his best one liners at the end of True Lies and one of the best deaths ever follows it:

See, Casino Royale completely ripped off Arnold:

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