The Following Bonus Videos Occur in Real Time

With six years of 24 in the tube and another off to a good start there is a bunch of video related goodness to check out.

“Damn It!!!”

Jack Bauer Facts

The ridiculously happy Season 1 alternate ending:

Keifer tells us what’s the coolest thing Jack has ever done:

Keifer is a pirate:

Here’s the Episode 1 of Season 1 courtesy of Hulu:

No one is safe from Jack Bauer, not even The Goonies:

An awesome music video for 24:

24 Bloopers:

Jack Bauer journeys to Japan sell energy supplement Calorie Mate:

Conan O’Brian invades the 24verse (along with The Office, Lost, South Park, House and To Catch a Predator universes)

Jack and Chloe get pranked by Bart Simpson:

24: The Game is probably the only one to feature a yell button and interrogation mode:

Check out South Park’s 24 parody with “The Snuke”:

The epic first meeting of Jack and President Palmer:

Episode 1 of the insanely cheesy 24 mobile phone episodes from season 4:

Here is a rare look at the previously unaired 1994 pilot for 24:

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