Constructicons Inferior, Soundwave Superior

There is no shortage of youtube clips relating to Tranformers: The Movie so let’s get right into it.


The intro where Unicron eats a planet and then the awesome theme song by Lion:

The deaths begin as Ironhide and Prowl get mowed down by the Decipticons:

Daniel and Hot Rod fish and then go to meet the shuttle to Stan Bush’s amazing song “Dare”:

Optimus Prime goes to kick ass with Stan Bush’s “The Touch” in the background:

If that wasn’t enough here’s the music video for The Touch:

Optimus Prime Dies:

Also Stan Bush’s newer power ballad “Till All Are One”, still Transformers related:

Starscream takes over as the Decipticons leader:

Best of the Dinobots:

Hot Rod, Kup and the Dinobots end up on a planet ruled by the Quintesson:

Meanwhile Ultra Magnus, Arcee, Daniel and Springer end up on the planet of Junk where they encounter the Junkicons.  Also Weird Al’s Dare to be Stupid plays for some reason:

Galvatron threatens Unicron with the Matrix of Leadership but gets a surprise:

Inside Unicron, Galvatron battles Hot Rod, who unleashes the power of the Matrix:

As Bumblebee and Spike are getting sucked into Unicron, Spike lets loose, “Oh Shit!  What are we going to do now?”:

Another great track off the soundtrack, Spectre General with “Hunger”:

A taste of Vince Dicola’s rocking score:

Eventually Optimus Prime was brought back to life and here’s a hilarious redubbing of the event:

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