“Looks like they’ll be importing oil this year, Chappy.”

Let’s take the Road of the Gypsy exit off of the Highway to the Danger Zone and check out some Iron Eagle clips.


Col. Masters gets shot down over Iraqistan:

Apparently when you live on or around an Air Force base you settle disagreements with plane/dirtbike races:

Doug takes a shot at the simulator:

The evil leader of unnamed Middle Eastern country wants a confession from Doug’s dad:

Nothing like some crazy dancing to take your mind off your dad’s hostage situation:

Speaking of dancing, Lou Gossett Jr. has some sweet moves:

Chappy sees how good Doug is at flying:

Chappy gives us a master course in ranting in this movie:

After sucessfully bombing an airfield in Iraqistan, Chappy is hit and goes down!:

Doug gives the bad guys some lovin courtesy of Spencer Davis Group:

Evil bad guy Nakesh goes 1v1 against Doug for the final battle:

Alright, time for some soundtrack goodness.  First up, Mike Reno (lead singer of Loverboy) gives us Chasing the Angels:

Next Adrenalin gives us the Rod Stewartesqe Road of the Gypsy:

Rainey Hanes and “Old Enough to Rock and Roll”:

Queen gives us the awesome “One Vision”:

Finally King Kobra drops the title track “Iron Eagle” and made a fantastic music video featuring Lou Gossett Jr.:

Here’s some Top Gun so you can compare and contrast:

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