Crime is the disease, and these Videos are the Cure.

Get ready to get your maximum daily allowance of ass kicking as we watch one man army Marion Cobretti take down the New Order.


It’s not the 80’s until there’s a montage and here’s Cobra’s bizarre one, with Robert Tepper’s “Angel of the City”:

Cobra has to take down a maniac who has taken hostages in a supermarket:

Sometimes something is so bad ass you can’t begin to comprehend it, take Cobra’s domestic life for instance:

Cobra gets involved with a high octane car chase:

Cobra has an unconventional way of dealing with assholes:

Some of the great quotes from Cobra:

Cobra has to deal with a gang of bikers attacking the hotel safe house:

Stallone schools us with some 80’s crime facts:

Cobra tracks the Night Slasher to an abandoned spark factory for the final battle:

So that’s pretty much all the videos I was able to find, be sure to check out I-Mockery’s hilarious review of Cobra that we mentioned on the podcast. You can find it here:

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