Top 5: Time Travelers


Time Travel, one of the most interesting concepts in fiction.  Having the ability to go forward or backward in time to experience things beyond your years, or prevent something terrible from happening.  However, it takes a certain person to be able to travel through time.  Here our five favorite.

5. Frank Parker

The dark horse pick this week is Chrononaut Frank Parker from Seven Days.  Played by Jonathan LaPaglia, Frank was recruited by a secret NSA project called Backstep which developed a time machine from the crashed alien spacecraft from Area 51.  Whenever something terrible happened that effected national security Frank was sent back in the sphere 7 days in the past to prevent it from happening.  For three seasons Frank had to deal with terrorists, aliens, wierd time glitches and other wierdness along with resident d-bag Nathan Ramsey.

4. Max Walker

There’s only one man that I know of who is able to actually police time and that’s Max Walker aka Jean Claude Van Damme.  With his sweet mullet and rocket propelled time machine (that mysteriously disappears during travel), Walker is able to stop people from messing with the future as we know it.  Mostly this involves people trying to get rich, like smarmy asshole Senator McComb.  McComb learns the hard way not to mess with time travel as he and his past self are turned to goo because “the same matter cannot exisit in the same spot at the same time.”  Walker, meanwhile, is able to save his wife and create a brighter future for everyone.

3. T-101

Sent back three times, the first to try to kill Sarah Connor and the other two to protect her son, the T-101 is definitely one of the most bad-ass time travelers.  Terminator style time travel has some downsides like having to arrive naked and unarmed and not being able to return to the future.  Arnold makes the most of it however by learning some rad 90’s phrases and kicking all kinds of ass. Oh, props to Kyle Reese as well for being the only actual human from the Terminatorverse to go back in time.

2. Bill and Ted

Bill and Ted understand what time travel should be, completely non heinous and a most excellent adventure.  Due to them being the saviors of the future, George Carlin’s Rufus journeys back in time to help the dudes get an A on their history reports.  The guys accomplish this by borrowing important historical figures and getting their takes on late 80’s San Dimas, CA.  Hijinks ensue, Extreme is played and the guys ace their report with a stage show worthy of Van Halen.  Amazing what an old phone booth can do.

1.  Marty McFly and Doc Brown

Like Doc said, “If you’re going to build a time machine you might as well do it in style”.  And so was born the coolest time machine ever, the Delorean.  Running on plutonium to begin with the Delorean is soon equipped with a “Mr. Fusion” energy converter and hover technology.  These two have probably screwed up and saved time so many times we’ve lost count.  They’ve been to the 50’s, the future and the wild west and even an alternate version of the present.  The Doc even made a time machine out of a Steam locomotive.  If there was a time traveler’s hall of fame these two would be the first inductees.

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