Top 5: Bond Gadgets

Probably the funnest thing about Bond movies is all the crazy gadgets that James gets from the constantly unamused Q.  Here are 5 of our favorites.

5. Alligator from Octopussy

Bond has to sneak his way onto the female-only island run by the mysterious Octopussy.  Not content to simply use something as pedestrian as a submarine or scuba gear, Bond uses a mechanical alligator to get him both to the island and off of it.  Not sure I would want to be in it when it does a death roll however.

4. Laser Watch from Goldeneye

A simple, yet effective gadget that proves to be a lifesaver for Bond when he has to cut through the floor of an armored train with a bomb set to go off any minute.  The watch is also good as a decoy later on when 006 believes it’s used as a detonator but  learns that the pen is mightier than the laser watch.

3. Briefcase from From Russia with Love

The first official gadget from Q Branch, the briefcase from From Russia With Love is filled with all kinds of suprises.  It has a tear gas canister that detonates if the briefcase is opened wrong, a hidden rifle, two rolls of gold coins, extra ammo and a throwing knife.  Bond is able to trick assassin Red Grant into opening the case wrong and then defeats him after a brutal fight.

2. Little Nellie from You Only Live Twice

The Wallis WA-6 Gryocopter aka Little Nellie is an awesome little vehicle that is fast and has a ton of firepower.  Bond uses her to try to find a Spectre base somewhere off the coast of Japan.  He gets ambushed by a group of helicopters and has to use all the weapons in Little Nellie’s arsenal including rockets, air mines, flame throwers and machine guns.

1. Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me

Although I’m partial to the Aston Martin the Lotus is definetely the most gadgety car in Bond history.  It carries an ink blaster, missiles, torpedoes and machine guns but the coolest part is that it’s also a fully functional submarine.  This proves useful as Bond and Russian spy Triple X are trying to stop maniac Stromberg from starting a nuclear war from his underwater base.

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