Rifftrax Presents Red Dawn!

RedDawnWebThere’s no doubt that Red Dawn is an 80’s action classic, but it’s also ripe with unintentional comedy. Leave it to the guys at Rifftrax to give their own commentary. Former MST3K star Mike Nelson is joined by none other than the hilarious host of E’s “The Soup” — Joel McHale. Anybody who’s watched “The Soup” can attest to McHale’s biting witticisms. So yeah… could this Rifftrax be awesome? Why ask? It will be. Check it out when it’s released July 2nd.

More info from Rifftrax:

The year was 1984. While the fascistic regime foretold by Orwell had not yet come to power the nation had been brought to its knees, the victim of repeated playings of Karma Chameleon and Sister Christian. The country needed something to believe in, something besides aerobics or Emmanuel Lewis’ winning the People’s Choice Award. And so they came, a ragtag group of heroes in a beat-up pickup, complete with a beat-up gun rack: Jed, Aardvark, Daryl, Arturo and their brave, though prone-to-sniveling compatriot Robert (played by the prone-to-sniveling C. Thomas Howell.) The dawn may have been a red one, but they would make sure that when the sun set, it would be red… white and blue!

Joining Mike for this very special RiffTrax is Joel McHale, the Daryl to Mike’s Arturo, or perhaps the Jed to his Aardvark, or maybe the Aardvark to his Daryl. The point is, it is the perfect partnership with which to assail the enemies of freedom, i.e., the makers of Red Dawn!


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