Battle at the Box Office 11/30


Apparently Twilight fans strike hard but only in the beginning. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, New Moon lost 70% from the previous weekend and pulled in just over $42 million. The Blind Side almost took the top spot, coming in just $2 million shy of the sparkly bastards. 2012 maintained it’s spot in the top 3 as well and pulled in $18 million. For new movies, Old Dogs came in at number 4 with $16.8 million, about half as much as the director’s last movie, Wild Hogs. Ninja Assassin came in at sixth with just over $13 million. This is always a family oriented movie weekend so it’s not too surprising to see an R rated, bloody action movie come in on the low end. Fantastic Mr. Fox went wide this weekend as well and came in at number 9 with $7 million.

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