Everything Action Theater: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures

Following in the grand tradition of most of the biggest hits of the 80’s, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was turned into a Saturday morning cartoon called Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures.  The interesting thing is that  George Carlin, Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves all did the voices for their characters.  Usually the big wigs would hire some sound alikes and call it a day.   The show saw Bill and Ted hopping back in time to meet with even more famous historical dudes like like Julius Caesar, Henry Ford, Admiral Byrd, Marie Antoinette, Mark Twain and, in the first episode below, Marco Polo as the guys try and get a replacement for Missy’s broken antique vase.

One thought on “Everything Action Theater: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures

  1. I remember seeing the John Henry episode as a kid. Great stuff.

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