Everything ActionCast: Episode 1

It’s the premiere of Everything Action’s new weekly podcast, The Everything ActionCast.  Join your intrepid hosts Zach, Brian, Chris and Charlie as they talk about the week in action movies.

  • Show and Tell: What we’ve been watching, playing or just plain checking out this week.
  • News: “Kick-Ass”, “XXX 3-D”, the trailer for The Expendables, and the upcoming Walking Dead series on AMC
  • Final Point: The boys reminisce about 24 as it concludes its final season. Also, how should the show go out?

(As always, this is the first episode so there were a few glitches: both human and technical. Look for a much sharper show next week.)

One thought on “Everything ActionCast: Episode 1

  1. An action—PODCAST!? Great idea, guys!

    p.s. First topic, Where the Wild Things Are… really?

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