Battle at the Box Office 5/24

Shrek Forever After won the box office but it’s performance shows that it’s probably a good thing this is (hopefully) the last one.  The movie took in just under $71 million which is almost a 50% drop from Shrek the Third’s $121.6 million, the highest opening ever for an animated movie.  Forever After also had the benefit of the boost from 3D screenings.  Iron Man 2 was a pretty far back number two with just over $26 million while Robin Hood dropped to third with $18.7 million.  The big disappointment of the weekend was MacGruber, opening in sixth place with just over $4 million.  The only big move was How to Train Your Dragon, dropping from fifth to ninth in it’s ninth weekend out.  If the news stories I’ve seen are any indication, Sex and the City 2 is going to decimate everything in it’s path this weekend but there’s also Disney’s big blockbuster of the summer, Prince of Persia.

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