Everything Actioncast Ep. 9 “Gary Busey”

This week we welcome our first guest host, Chris’ friend Joe, and talk about great future roles for master thespian Gary Busey, the terrible lessons taught by Rookie of the Year, the lost 80’s classic Solarbabies,  movie news and our top 5 favorite TV to Movie adaptations.

  • Show and Tell: Brian watched Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and subjected himself to the MTV Movie Awards, Chris goes back to the mid 90’s with Rookie of the Year, Zach checked out the premieres of Burn Notice and Royal Pains, Solarbabies and the animated apocalypse of 9.  Joe closes us out with some quick thoughts on the video game Red Dead Redemption.
  • News: The Crow reboot moving forward, Captain America and Thor concept photos, the return of Thundercats and the trailer for Norwegian Ninja.  Also the New Release Round Up.
  • Top 5: We share our top 5 favorite TV to Movie adaptations inspired by this weekend’s release of The A-Team.  Joe also gives us his four TV shows that should have gotten a movie.

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