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My Soul to Take Trailer

Posted on August 18, 2010 by

Master of Horror Wes Craven is working on Scream 4 but we’ll get some of his brand of terror later this year with “My Soul to Take”.  On the night a serial killer is brought to justice, he vows to kill the seven children born that night.  16 years later, the kids start to disappear and the rest try to figure out who the killer is.  It seems like a cross between two of Craven’s most popular franchises, Elm Street and Scream but ironically it seems like it’s taking a page from Elm Street 2, which Craven had nothing to do with.  In that one, the teen hero was possessed by Freddy and didn’t know he was the killer and they seem to be implying that about the main character here.  Anyway, check out the trailer below.

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