Battle at the Box Office 4/4

A mass migration of families made Hop the number 1 at the box office, bumping down last week’s #1, Diary of Wimpy Kid 2, down to fourth and with a 57% drop off from last week.  Hop claims the best opening of the year, so far, with $38.1 million over the weekend.  Second place went to Source Code, which narrowly edged out the other new release, Insidious.  Source Code made just over $15 million while Insidious made $13.5 million.  Not surprisingly due to it’s absolutely toxic reviews (including our own) that Sucker Punch plummeted from second to seventh and will probably barely be in the top ten this coming weekend.  The only other bit of news is that the re-release of The King’s Speech put it back on the charts in 14th place.

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