Everything Actioncast Ep. 82 “Spooky San Andreas”

This week the duo of Zach and Joe talk about the addicting nature of Arkham City, paranormal occurrences in GTA: San Andreas, British slang lessons from Attack the Block, 80’s ninja movies, Steven Seagal movie titles, future projects for some of our patron saints and more.

  • Show and Tell: Joe has been playing Arkham City and still watching his shows like Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire, etc. and Zach watched Attack the Block, Pray for Death, Trick R Treat and In Time.
  • News: 21 Jump Street and GTA V trailers, Bill Paxton directing a remake of Kung Fu, Arnold starring in action movie “Black Sands”, Stallone starring in prison break movie “The Tomb” and Robert De Niro and John Travolta co-starring in Killing Fields.  That and a very disappointing New Release Round Up.

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