Gangster Squad Trailer

Ruben Fleischer, director of Zombieland and 30 Minutes or Less, takes a more serious approach for his third film with the 40’s crime movie, Gangster Squad.  Sean Penn plays mobster Mickey Cohen, who is looking to control all the West Coast’s crime operations and a special team of cops is assembled by Nick Nolte, and led by Josh Brolin, to take Cohen and his organization down by any means necessary. It seems like one of those movies where they just threw a bunch of awesome actors into it and see what would happen as Ryan Gosling, Robert Patrick, Anthony Mackie, Emma Stone, Michael Pena and Giovanni Ribisi all co-star.  It looks like it’s going to have some stylish action and it’s got Jay-Z in the trailer, so it’s gotta be cool.  We’ll have to see if this or Lawless is the best 40’s crime movie for the year, although Gangster Squad doesn’t have a solid release date yet.  Check out the trailer below.

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