The Heisenberg Files: “Madrigal”

Introduced only a few years ago as a “cleaner”, Mike has evolved into a very important character in “Breaking Bad”. He isn’t necessarily “good” or “evil” at face value. He isn’t afraid to shoot or to work for the either side, but he isn’t entirely corrupt either.

So it makes sense why him and Walt are a volatile mix. Mike was first introduced as a “cleaner” for Saul, but then we found out he was essentially Gus’ right-hand man. Mike wasn’t 100% fond of Gus’ feelings or tactics but the two worked well together. Mike and Walt on the other hand…

We get to know Mr. Ehrmantraut more in this week’s episode. But first we are introduced to Madrigal, the company in which Gus received all his cooking and “cooking” equipment. A small blip on a large radar last season, some shows would just mention this fact and move on. “Breaking Bad” on the other hand uses the German food service company as yet another front in a bigger conspiracy. Cue the suicide of one executive named Schauder.

Madrigal is just one of the leads the DEA has on Gus’ former operation. Mike is brought in for questioning but admits nothing, even when Hank and Gomez reveal that they know about the secret Cayman Islands account and that Mike’s granddaughter was to be one of the 11 recipients of the drug money. Even though the DEA is hot on his trail, Mike still admits nothing.

While Mike is playing it cool, another one of the 11 recipients is not. We are introduced to the seemingly-innocent  and uninitiated Lydia. She contacts Mike with a job: to put a hit on the other recipients so they don’t rat on the DEA. He flatly denies it by saying they will all keep it on the down-low. But this doesn’t stop her, as she hires another gun to take them out. (Thankfully, Mike stops this with only one casualty.)

He later confronts her that evening at home where he prepares to make her “disappear”. She demands that if she’s killed that her daughter sees her instead of just her going away. Mike ponders this for a bit, but instead makes a deal. Lydia’s life for her access to methylamine.

Why the methylamine? Well, Walt and Jesse are ready to cook again! Walt’s displaying that unique brand of swagger he’s had since Gus’ death and he’s ready to jump back in the fray. (To play devil’s advocate, he does reveal he’s $40K in debt right now.) He has Jesse on board and seemingly Saul as well, but Mike rejects the offer. But with the account gone and his granddaughter’s money gone as well, Mike is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Meanwhile Skyler deals with Ted’s death by doing… nothing. Absolutely nothing. That night Walt heads to bed as he consoles her with the fact that she’ll get over all the horrible things she’s done. Sure, it comes easy to Heisenberg. But Skyler is still holding on her ethics to dear life. Walt may be beyond help but she doesn’t want to revel in her actions. At least, not yet.

Breaking Baddest: Lydia, who fumbles with her “secret” meeting with Mike but yet is powerful enough to hire a hitman to successfully kill at least one person. Seems dangerous.

Now We’re Cookin’… With Clever Nicknames: Jesse’s nickname for their former meth lab RV, “The Crystal Ship”, is absolute genius. Might wanna hop on that trademark, Pinkman.

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