News Shotgun 12/21


  • Lego releasing Back to the Future Deloreon set: Lego has a kind of Kickerstarteresque site called Cuusoo that allows fans to vote on submitted Lego ideas.  If the idea gets 10,000 votes, it goes in front of the Lego review board and can become a real set, which is exactly what happened with the Back to the Future set.  The set will include mini figures of Marty and Doc Brown and the Delorean, which can be transformed into all three variations from each of the movies.


  • Bryan Singer producing new Twilight Zone The new version of the show will most likely be on CBS, as CBS Studios is developing it.
  • Chloe Bennet final SHIELD member: Currently on Nashville, Bennet will star as Skye, “a confident woman who is slightly obsesses with superhero culture.  She can talk her way out anything with her unflappable nature”
  • Gale Anne Hurd producing giant robot movie Gaiking: The movie is an adaptation of the Toei anime that made it to the US as Shogun Warriors in the 80’s.  The story will follow a young man who becomes the pilot of Gaiking, the world’s most powerful mech, to fight an alien invasion.  Hurd produced the Terminator series and currently produces The Walking Dead.
  • Nick Fury probably won’t be getting own movie, more of him revealed in Winter Soldier: Nick Fury will be back, of course, to be in most of the upcoming Marvel movies but the closet we’ll get to an actual solo movie will be in Captain America: Winter Soldier.  Some of Fury’s backstory will be told in the Cap sequel, including possibly flashbacks to his involvement in World War II.
  • Jackie Chan in Expendables 3Another action legend joins the ranks of the Expendables as Jackie Chan says he is going to be co-starring in the third movie.  Nicolas Cage is supposed to be on board as well along with possibly Harrison Ford and/or Clint Eastwood.
  • First Look at Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road




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