Olympus Has Fallen Trailer


This year will see competing “Die Hard in the White House” movies and the first out of the gate is Olympus Has Fallen, with Aaron Eckhart as the president and Gerard Butler as the lone secret service who can save the day.  Butler plays disgraced agent, Mike Banning, who was with the president when his limo slipped off an icy bridge and his wife was killed.  Banning was removed from presidential duty but when terrorists attack and kidnap the president, Banning is the only one left who has a chance of ending the siege. Morgan Freeman also co-stars as the Speaker of the House turned president during the attack. I get Air Force One vibes in the best way possible and it looks like it will have some insane action.  It’s also nice to see Gerard Butler back to kicking ass after his back to back failures last year (Chasing Mavericks and Playing for Keeps in case you don’t know).   The movie is out in March and you can check out the trailer below.

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