EA Commentary: One Man’s Justice


Judging just by the above poster, One Man’s Justice (aka One Tough Bastard) seems like the perfect movie for July 4th, with football star turned action hero Brian Bosworth in front of the American flag.  The actual movie is not really as “America, Fuck Yeah” as we were expecting but it is a hilariously bad 90’s action movie where The Bos plays Army drill sergeant John North, whose family is killed in a robbery gone wrong and he goes on a mission to find the man responsible.  Things get infinitely more complicated when a corrupt FBI agent and the drug kingpin of Venice Beach get involved and John becomes sort of a mentor to the troubled son of an FBI agent.  Did I mention MC Hammer is the drug kingpin or that the corrupt FBI agent is the villain from Passenger 57 and looks like an evil Michael Bolton or that the movie is directed by Kurt Wimmer, who would go on to direct Equilibrium?  Zach, Chris and Joe try to figure out why there are random eagle and jaguar sounds, why John’s flashbacks look like a horror movie, why his go to fighting movie is wrist flips and how can you have a movie with Hammer, but no Hammer song anywhere in the movie?  The movie is available on Netflix or possibly YouTube, so go ahead and sync it up and watch it with the EA crew.


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