The Pull List 7/31


  • Indestructible Hulk #11: After the Age of Ultron broke time, Bruce Banner is recruited into SHIELD’s top secret time travel department as the Hulk may be the only one who can survive going through time and stopping the source of the disturbances.   If the idea of Hulk going through time and punching things doesn’t sound awesome, please leave, as this site has nothing for you.  For everyone else, this seems like it’s going to be an incredibly fun, incredibly action packed arc with Hulk’s first stop being 1876 where it appears dinosaurs are terrorizing the local cowboys.
  • Animal Man Annual #2: DC released a bunch of their annual issues this week, which are great chances to try out the books with a stand alone story but it also usually has a major event that will effect the regular issues soon.  In the Animal Man annual, Buddy Barnes flashes back to an adventure he had with his son Cliff where the two were captured by a mysterious female spider-creature living in the sewers of their home city and Cliff managed to use his connection to the Red to communicate and convince the creature to leave and head to a new home.  It’s a good intro to the character if you don’t know who Animal Man with a self contained story.
  • Detective Comics Annual #2: Batman takes on the dangerous mimic Jane Doe in this special issue, who is able to perfectly infiltrate the lives of her victims.  The issue does a great job of keeping you guessing about who Jane is impersonating after Batman stops a bank robbery she was attempting.  There’s also some slight movement on the on going story of The Wrath, who is basically an evil, cop killing version of Batman.
  • The Wake #3: An action packed issue of this underwater horror story finds the science team investigating the recently discovered merman running for their lives as the creature breaks out.  The team quickly realizes it contains some sort of neurotoxin that clouds the victim’s mind with a pleasant fantasy while it goes in for the kill.  There’s a great Muldoonesque moment with the team’s weapons expert, Meeks and the cliffhanger at the end of the issue shows that things are going to go from bad to worse for the team.


  • Batman Annual #2: While helping Arkham Aslyum test the security for a new high security wing, Batman becomes the target of Arkham’s oldest inmate, the Anchoress, who believes that Batman violated the peace of Arkham by bringing in the various villains and seeks revenge by trying to trap Batman inside his own head.
  • Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray #5: The conclusion of the mini series (which will be an on going series in October) finds Fabian able to pass the final test laid before him by Dracula and gaining the approval of all five of his literary ghosts and the full use of their power.  He needs them as he gets into a final battle with the evil Iago, who seems to possibly have powers of evil counterparts of Fabian’s ghosts.  Fabian triumphs but his quest now seems to be to find and recover more Dreamstones (one is embedded in his chest and gives him access to his ghostly partners) and rescue his sister, Sylvia, from another dimension.  In the close of the issue, it’s revealed there’s an evil cabal who are looking to gain Fabian’s powers for their own purposes.
  • GI Joe #6:  The origin of Cover Girl is revealed this issue, who was a famous supermodel who appeared on a military themed reality show but discovered her natural fighting skills when a group of pirates invaded the island the show was shooting on.  Cover Girl also suspects that Duke may be the mole in GI Joe, as she discovers his “wife” Aisha in the rest home she has been in since her accident and the price tag of keeping her there seems to be more than Duke could possibly afford.  Cover Girl gets Roadblock to back her up but promises to try find more evidence before accusing anyone.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #5: The after effects of Age of Ultron hit the Guardians as Peter Quill tries to find out what caused the ripple in time he felt while Spawn’s Angela arrives in the Marvel universe and makes a beeline for Earth forcing the rest of the Guardians (and Tony Stark) to go in pursuit and Gamorra to engage Angela in a battle on the moon.  Peter’s quest to find out what happened leads him to an unlikely information source, Thanos.


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