News Shotgun 8/16


  • Joseph Kosinski in talks for The Twilight Zone movie: Warner Bros. has been working on getting a new take on Twilight Zone into production and it seems like they have a director in Tron Legacy and Oblivion’s Joseph Koskinski.  It’s still not clear if it will be an anthology or a single story.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles moved back to August 2014: The reboot of the TMNT franchise by Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes studio was originally poised for a June 6, 2014 release but will now be released on August 8, 2014, one week before Expendables 3.
  • Insidious and American Werewolf in London getting mazes at Halloween Horror NightsThe premiere Halloween events at both Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando announced some of the mazes horror fans will be able to experience starting on Sept. 20th.  In Hollywood, you can go through a classic Universal monster maze, a Black Sabbath inspired maze and an Insidious Maze while Orlando will feature Cabin in the Woods, An American Werewolf in London and Evil Dead while both sites will have a Walking Dead maze.
  • Legendary trades Superman vs Batman rights for Interstellar: The split between Warner Bros. and Legendary has resulted in lots of shuffling of rights and distribution and the latest is that Legendary has given up their rights to Batman vs Superman in exchange for keeping their name on Christopher Nolan’s upcoming, Interstellar.
  • Mark Wahlberg would like to play Iron Man: During one of his recent interviews for 2 Guns, Mark Wahlberg made an off handed remark about how much he liked Avengers and that he would like to take over the role of Tony Stark when Robert Downey Jr. eventually steps down.  It’s just a joke at this point but it would definitely be an interesting choice for the character.
  • Ron Burgandy memoirs coming soonIn the vein of How to Archer or Sterling’s Gold, Ron Burgandy’s memoirs are coming to a bookstore near you on November 19th with “Let Me Off at the Top: My Classy Life and Musings”, sharing details about his childhood and his rise to the world’s greatest local news anchor.
  • First Look at Stallone and DeNiro in Grudge Match:



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