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The Pull List 10/23

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  • Iron Man #17: A pretty major revelation gets revealed in the conclusion of the “Secret Origin of Tony Stark” arc in that we learn that Tony was not the baby genetically modified by the rogue robot 451, which is why he was unable to control the Godkiller armor.  Tony was in fact adopted by Howard and Maria Stark and their biological son, Arno Stark, has been in hiding and tied to life saving technology since he was born.  Tony was a decoy to keep 451 from finding Arno and using him for his evil plan.  The brothers are reunited and Tony wants to help Arno achieve some of his plans to help the world he’s been thinking up over the years.
  • Nova #9: Nova takes on Thanos’ assassin, Kaldera, with his little sister and mom’s life in the balance.  After, obviously, failing to fight back without his Nova armor, Sam gets his helmet back and he and Kaldera are transported to an alien world, where Sam absorbs the power from the helmet of a fallen Nova and is able to defeat Kaldera and return home to his new teammates, Speedball and Vance Astrovik.  Kaldera, meanwhile, is banished into a black dimension to suffer for all eternity for her failure.
  • Thunderbolts #17: Punisher, Elektra and Venom finally launch their attack against the gathered crime bosses of NYC while Deadpool scrounges up some pizza and Red Hulk and Red Leader figure out how to target Mercy’s deadly powers onto the alien flagship.  The attack is interrupted by the arrival of the Terrigan Mists, the source of the Inhumans power, which turns some of the gangsters into powered monsters.
  • Indestructible Hulk #14: Hulk smashing through time gets more complicated as he’s now constantly shifting between his various personas and Bruce’s personality in a robot drone  is quickly losing control of Hulk and his memories.  Robo Bruce and Hulk eventually arrive at the site of Hulk’s creation at the gamma bomb test range, where the last “chronoanarchist” is trying to sabotage the gamma bomb.  Hulk gets in the way of past Bruce and reasorbs the full blast that created him, turning him into an even angrier and more powerful monster while Robo Bruce is able to download his memories into his past self in order to preserve his identity.
  • Savage Wolverine #10: This new story continues to look cool but be vague with details as Logan and the mysterious young boy he found make their way across the alien planet they are stranded on and eventually find the ship of the men who brought them.  Logan manages to take most of them down but they escape with the boy and without Logan learning who they are.  The ship self destructs but Logan manages to catch the escape pod and force his way in, but it crashes on either a new planet or the same planet and Logan finds himself in some kind of lab.


  • Zombie War #1: From TMNT creator Kevin Eastman and Heavy Metal artist Eric Talbot comes the latest entry in the zombie comic genre, Zombie War.  The twist this time is that only Earth’s dead soldiers have been brought back by an alien being out for revenge and the zombie soldiers have all of their inherent training and weapon skills, and quickly overrun the major cities of Earth.  A female pilot named Jina manages to shoot down the alien and the two become reluctant allies when the alien sees the horror he has brought and that what happened to his planet may have just been a terrible accident.  The President launches nukes and blows up New York City, but it’s not clear if even nukes will stop the zombie army.
  • Samurai Jack #1: One of the coolest cartoons of the early 2000’s is back in comic form from IDW.  Jack is still trapped in the future ruled by the evil demon Aku but he learns about a powerful artifact that may finally get him home, the Threads of Time.  Aku scattered the fibers when he sent Jack to the future but if Jack can collect the threads, he should have enough magical energy to get back home and stop Aku once and for all.  The first thread is inside an alien fight club and Jack has to fight all of the gladiators to get it.  It looks and feels just like the cartoon, and if you were a fan of it, you should definitely check out this new comic.
  • Star Trek #26: The Klingons and Romulans are on the verge of total war and Spock and the Enterprise crew have to figure out some way to prove to the Klingons that they were not responsible for the destruction of one of their colonies or else Kirk and the away team will be executed.  Kirk and his team are taken to Kronos to be held as prisoners of war but troops from Section 31 arrive in the wake of a orbital bombardment by the Romulans.


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