Musical Montage: Stan Bush “Till All Are One”


One of the biggest sins committed by Michael Bay’s Transformers series, besides blatant racism, incoherent plotting and Shia Labouef’s wacky antics, was relying on Linkin Park for credit songs instead of the true Transformers songsmith, Stan Bush.  Bush tried to get Bay to use The Touch, even reworking it into a slightly terrible nu-metal remix version called “Sam’s Theme” but, no dice.  The guys at High Moon Studios recognized Bush’s contributions to the Transformers universe though, including The Touch and it’s remix during the credits of Fall of Cybertron and Till All Are One for the credits of War for Cybertron.  Till All Are One was originally called Ground Zeroes and was off Stan Bush’s Call to Action album but he reworked the lyrics and included the new version on his 2007 album, In This Life.  Check out the song below.

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