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The Pull List 7/10

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  • Spider-Man 2099 #1: Miguel O’Hara is back and starring in his own book again with Spider-Man 2099 #1, although he’s now stuck in 2014 because of events in Superior Spider-Man.  Using a fake name at the fledging Alchemex company, Miguel needs to try and figure out a way home without disrupting the future, which gets tricky when agent from 2211’s TOTEM agency arrives to disintegrate him.  Miguel manages to outwit him but draws the attention of Alchemex exec, Liz Allen.  I really loved the TOTEM’s agent’s ability to scan and determine someone’s importance to the future before deciding to kill them or not and Miguel is just like I remember him from the 90’s, so it’s a welcome return.
  • Wolverine #10: After facing down Death, Logan returns to New York to face off for possibly the final time against Sabretooth before he twists the city to his own design with the reality alternating device he’s stolen.  Originally wanting to go alone, Logan finds a team of friends who are ready to back him, including Thor and Nick Fury, and they set out stop Sabretooth.
  • Doc Savage #7: The penultimate issue finds Doc Savage under investigation by the Supreme Court for allegedly “brainwashing” criminals he’s captured over the years.  One of Doc’s former doctors offers to undo the effects and some of the criminals he helps turn on him and execute a plan to unleash a virus into the Bronze phone network that causes almost everyone on Earth to turn savage and attack each other because of high frequency radio frequencies.  Doc and his team seal themselves in their HQ but have to figure out a way to stop it before the world rips itself apart.
  • Daredevil #5: The secret behind Foggy Nelson’s “death” is revealed this issue in that, before he left for San Fransisco, Matt Murdock was having Hank Pym do treatments inside of Foggy to battle his cancer cells.  Matt’s moving would interrupt the treatments and Foggy would be vulernable, as Daredevil’s enemies now know that Matt is Daredevil.  Matt tries to convince Foggy to fake his death and come to CA with him, but he refuses until a crazed supervillain in a mech attacks and Foggy seemingly sacrifices himself to stop the mech from self destructing in the middle of the city.  Hank managed to shrink himself and Foggy before the explosion and Foggy gets to “die” a hero and comes out to San Fransisco secretly with Matt.
  • Detective Comics #33: Batman and Harvey Bullock both arrive at the same conclusion about the deadly new Icarus drug plaguing Gotham but are at odds about how to resolve it, leading to a fight that is seemingly go to be interrupted by an energy being.  Meanwhile, Annie Aguila, whose mother’s death kicked off Batman’s investigation, meets her father, who is a biker who captures the man who killed her mother and offers her the chance to take revenge.


  • Black Dynamite #3: Black Dynamite gets a job to save a group of shaolin monks who are being hassled by the Illuminati.  BD arrives and finds a group of kung fu animal hybrids and manages to convince the monks to abandon their peaceful ways to fight off the monsters, which they do.  These comics have been great but where’s Season 2 of the cartoon?!
  • Deadpool #31: While Deadpool and 70’s Dazzler continue to kill off Dracula’s vampire hordes, Agent Preston makes contact with Deadpool’s daughter, whose adopted father is unwilling to cooperate.  A group of masked gunmen arrive and attack the house and Preston is able to hold them off until she takes a bullet to her CPU (as she’s now an LMD after a whole mishap left her sharing her mind in Deadpool’s head) but manages to get a message to Wade, who catches a ride on Mjolnir to Chicago to rescue his daughter and Preston.
  • Judge Dredd #20: Dredd hijacks the hovercraft of Chief Judge Cal and takes it out into the wastelands to get help from a most unexpected source, the living slime pool that believes Mega City One is it’s true love that Dredd previously wrestled with when battling the Angel Gang.  Dredd convinces the slime to come help them defeat the Dark Judges and takes it and a squad of judges back to the city.  Battling the judge that may have taken over Judge Anderson, Dredd is teleported to some ruins which may or not be Mega City One.
  • Turok #6: Captured by a group of mammoth riding hunters, Turok is shocked to find that they are his people, although his entire family was slaughtered by them after a change in chief.  Seeing his ability to tame the dinosaurs, they request he train their pen of captured raptors, while Turok’s new friend, Altani, rejoins her Pteranodon riding warriors and learns she’ll lead the attack against Turok’s people if they don’t surrender.
  • Batman Eternal #14: The Penguin, fed up with the gang war between himself and Carmine Falcone, takes matters into his own hands and attacks Carmine directly, but both men are caught by rookie super cop, Jason Bard and they, along with crooked police commissioner Forbes are on their way to Blackgate.  Bard seems like a capable new ally for Batman but he uncovers evidence that Bard learned Falcone’s location and tipped off Penguin, leading to the death of several of Falcone’s men.  Meanwhile in Arkham, Joker’s Daughter captured Scarecrow for some nefarious plan by Dr. Phosphorous.


  • New Suicide Sqaud #1: The Sqaud is reformed following the events of Forever Evil, with Amanda Waller placed in a secondary position and Black Manta, Joker’s Daughter and Deathstroke joining Harley Quinn and Deadshot.  The team’s first mission is to Russia to steal valuable tech but they are caught by a squad of troops in powerful looking mech armor.
  • Star Trek #35: The crew of the new Enterprise are the latest playthings for Q, who jumps from the original timeline into the JJ Abrams alternate universe, after taunting Jean Luc Picard one last time.  He mentions that Spock’s sacrifice saved the original universe but may have doomed the new universe and Q tells Kirk he’s going to “show him the true meaning of a no win scenario” and then seemingly dumps them on the outskirts of Deep Space Nine.
  • Armor Hunters #2: After destroying Mexico City, the Armor Hunters dispatch vicious alien hunting dogs to every site on Earth visited by Aric aka X-O Manowar.  At MERO HQ, Aric and Livewire learn that the armor is like some sort of techno-organic virus and it eventually replaces the user’s cells with it’s metal.  Aric is somehow “in remission” but Livewire may have been infected when she stole the armor from Aric.  The dogs attack Aric’s camp and he manages to stop them before they kill everyone while Col. Capshaw and Bloodshot are the only ones left alive to defend MERO.


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