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The Pull List 7/17

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  • Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched #1: Deciding to stay in the Dark Ages, Ash and Sheila prepare for their wedding but a deadly new threat that makes even the Deadites terrified arrives in the form of a massive, faceless brute who singlehandedly kills two armies who arrived to help Arthur defeat the remaining Deadites.
  • Thunderbolts #28: After the Punisher quit the Thunderbolts, he got a severance package in the form of a bomb from General Ross.  Deciding to take on the team in revenge, Frank is seemingly killed and his body is discovered by Hawkeye, doing his own investigation after finding evidence of Punisher and Ghost Rider near an Avengers battle.  Elektra stumbles on Hawkeye and sees Frank’s body and attacks Hawkeye before going back to confront Ross.  Before anyone can do anything, Leader is killed and someone (most likely Frank) has a gun with anti-Hulk bullets.  Deadpool also quits the team after a heart to heart with Shiklah.
  • 24: Underground #4: Jack arrives at the rendezvous with Mishka Drazen but finds that his current girlfriend, Sofiya, is not there.  Sofiya manages to escape and gets rescued by the CIA team tracking Jack.  Jack’s reluctant ally and Sofiya’s brother, Petro, was following behind Jack in secret but is discovered by Mishka’s men and killed.


  • Savage Wolverine #21: Logan is part of a elite unit in World War I who are tasked with destroying a key bridge to the German supply lines and works with a fellow mutant, who has psychic powers.  Logan gets the location of explosives and the radio station and, with his team, destroys the bridge and the radio station but the German commander has a secondary radio in his tent and he and Logan end up in standoff.
  • Judge Dredd #21: Judge Anderson, killed by the insane Judge Tarjay who transformed into Judge Death, has been transformed into the mysterious Judge Blank but her mind is still alive and she’s engaged in a battle with inter-dimensional beings.  She creates a psychic version of Dredd to help her and manages to fight off the beings and save her mind but her body is still in control of the Dark Judge.
  • Unity #9: Ninjak and Gilad, the Eternal Warrior, defend London from the attack dogs of the Armor Hunters, who are dead set on sterilizing the Earth from the “infection” of the X-O Manowar army.  Livewire, meanwhile, scans herself to determine if she is A) human and B) not infected by the armor and being cleared on both counts, gets ready to defend the MERO military station from the Armor Hunters with Bloodshot.


  • TMNT #36: Splinter and Leonardo, discussing their plans to stop Shredder and Krang, are drawn into a netherworld by The Rat King, who in this iteration is the brother of the witch Kitsune, who brainwashed Leo against his family and is the main advisor to Shredder.  After testing them with hallucinations, Rat King deems them worthy pawns in his battle with his sister and then wipes their memory but promising them he’ll be back.
  • Silver Surfer #4: Norrin brings Earth girl Dawn Greenwood back to her home and meets all the kooky residents of her family’s inn in Massachusetts.  Norrin agrees to stay for dinner and then, feeling exhausted, sleeps on their porch until night.  Trying to get off Earth as soon as possible, he tries to fly away but finds a barrier around the planet preventing him from leaving.  Dawn and Norrin also must go through a “customs check” from the Guardians before getting to Earth.
  • Batman Eternal #15: Batwing and The Spectre get to the source of the evil magical energy in Arkham Asylum but are overwhelmed by hordes in the bowels of the asylum and separated.  Red Robin and Harper, meanwhile arrive in Hong Kong tracking a possible lead on nanomachines infecting Harper’s brother and Batgirl and Red Hood find that Batwoman is also in South America tracking leads on who set up Jim Gordon.


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