Musical Montage: UHF


It’s a fantastic coincidence that after dominating the internet with a week of incredible new music videos, today is the 25th anniversary of Weird Al’s UHF.  Overwhelmed by it’s box office competition, UHF has since become a comedy cult classic and a must watch for Al fans.  Weird Al plays George Newman, who’s given the chance to run his uncle’s UHF station and hits ratings gold with a bunch of insane original programming, led by their janitor’s kid show, Stanley Spudowski’s Clubhouse (Stanley played by Michael Richards).  Since your star is Weird Al, you could expect the soundtrack album to be chock full of polka medleys and parodies and UHF, the soundtrack, doesn’t disappoint.  Check out some of the best tracks below.


“Money for Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies” (Parody of Dire Straits)

“The Hot Rocks Polka”

“She Drives Like Crazy” (Parody of Fine Young Cannibals)

“Fun Zone”(ever since the UHF album, this has been the intro song for every Weird Al concert)

“Spam” (Parody of REM)

“Let Me Be Your Hog”

“The Biggest Ball of Twin in Minnesota”





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