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EA at NYCC 2014: Day 1 Recap

Posted on October 13, 2014 by


The Everything Action crew is back and survived this year’s New York Comic Con in NYC.  Once again, it was an overwhelming but awesome and we got to meet some awesome people, meet up with old and new friends and check out all the craziness on display.  Be sure to stay tuned for our massive picture post and podcasts from our press interviews but for now, here’s a brief rundown of how our Thursday went down last week.

Joe flew in from Florida and Chris and I took the train from NJ and after meeting up and settling into their temporary HQ at the Travel Inn, Chris and I set out to a sketchy loft above an auto repair shop to check out some upcoming games from Square Enix while Joe hit the con and made sure he had our spot for a press conference with the man, the myth, the legend, Adam West.  While waiting to meet the OG Batman, Joe checked out DC’s lineup of the movie Batman costumes, as they were celebrating Batman’s 75th birthday in a major way this year at NYCC.








Following a bizarrely sketchy sign and boarding a freight elevator, Chris and I arrived at Shop Studios and were able to check out Lara Croft and the Staff of Osiris and Hitman: Sniper.

Are there games here or are we about to be murdered?

First up, Chris and I played the demo for Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris


If you played Guardians of Light, this is the next evolution, as the game now features four played co-op and is only for the current gen consoles (PS4, Xbox One and PC). In this next entry in the Lara Croft series of games (Separate from the Tomb Raider series), Lara and rival archaelogist, Carver, are competing in Egypt but are force to team up, along with Egyptian gods Isis and Horus, to defeat the evil god Set. The only thing that can stop Set is the god Osiris but he’s currently traped and the only thing that can free him is the Staff of Osiris, so the quartet must enter the titular temple to recover the artifact and free the god. There’s some light RPG elements in this new game, as the characters can buy weapons and equipment and get various artifacts that give them various buffs and powers. It seems like there will be some fun opportunities for teaming up or screwing your friends, depending on how you feel like playing.  It’s out on December 9th.

The other game we checked out was Hitman: Sniper, coming to IOS and Android devices this fall and features Agent 47 taking on various sniping challenges. You seem to have one main target on each map and you can just take him out immediately but, like the main games, you get more points for being creative and it looks like you can shoot various elements in the levels to make things appear to be accidents or hide bodies from detection. There’s also tons of side targets as well.

After Square Enix, Chris and I reunited with Joe and got to spend the afternoon with Batman 66, Adam West:

BzhfkEgIEAEutnC.jpg large

Promoting the soon to be released Batman 66 Complete Series box set, the assembled fans and press got to ask Adam pretty much anything that we wanted and we got the usual quirky, hilarious answers you would expect from the Mayor of Quahog.  Ironically, at pretty much the same time, another Batman, George Clooney, was unveiling footage from Tomorrowland on the main stage.  Stay tuned to see if our audio recording of the press conference is listenable.


After visiting with Adam West, we got another video game to check out, Killing Floor 2.  The super popular indie zombie PC game is back and bigger than ever, with tons of new classes, weapons and gameplay tactics.  We got to see their blood soaked demo as they played with two different classes at both the normal and extremely hard difficulties.  The game is set about a month after Killing Floor 1 in Europe as the Zeds continue to rampage thanks to Horzine Biotech.  We should have an interview Chris did later this week.

We closed things out on Day 1 with the kind of disappointing World of Capcom panel, which was basically just a sales pitch for various upcoming games like Monster Hunter 4, Resident Evil Revelations 2 and the HD re-release of Resident Evil Zero.  Samus from Metroid is going to be Monster Hunter 4, so that’s kind of cool but there wasn’t anything mind blowing revealed.

There’s much more coming in the next week, including interviews with the casts of American Dad, Rick & Morty, Black Dynamite and Mike Tyson Mysteries, so stay tuned to the site and our Facebook and Twitter.

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