3 Reasons Benedict Cumberbatch is the PERFECT Doctor Strange.


Benedict Cumberbatch may be Doctor Strange.

Let that sink in.

Good? Good. Now have a cigarette.

This is undoubtedly awesome news. The man who gave us Smaug and this generation’s Sherlock Holmes is going to play the Sorcerer Supreme.

Now most pieces would give you 5 or 10 reasons why this would kick all kinds of tail. Here at Everything Action, however, we only need three.

1. The Voice

Need I say more? Not since the likes of Patrick Stewart or Morgan Freeman has a such a diverse and recognizable voice emerged in entertainment. Peter Jackson knew what he was doing when he cast him as Smaug the Dragon AND as the Necromancer in his Hobbit trilogy. That voice is hypnotic, which is quite an asset if you’re going to play the Sorcerer Supreme. It casts a spell big enough that Marvel might just save themselves some coin on CGI.

2. He’s an Actor’s Actor

Atonement. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Star Trek.

Here Cumberbatch has quite the diverswe and exciting filmography. And he has been consistently cited as one of the highlights of each project. He throws himself into every role and he can balance gravitas and grandeur with ease. Doctor Strange needs and actor who can ease the audience into the more abstract realms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and some one with a resume that includes Oscar-nominated character pieces and successful big budget blockbusters is the exact person for the role.

3. He could be the next Robert Downey JR.

While it looks like Robert Downey Jr. isn’t exactly letting go of Tony Stark anytime soon, eventually he will have to part ways with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which means someone will have to step up in the star power department. Cumberbatch is tailor-made to fill that ambassador role. He’s a white hot star with a lot of respect and a hardcore fan base. He’s got the love of the critics, fangirls & boys alike.

This announcement, coupled with the Spider-Man & Civil War rumors, makes clear that an exciting future lies ahead for the Marvel
Cinematic Universe.

Doctor Strange is expected to drop July 8, 2016.

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