Battle at the Box Office 1/5


For the first weekend of 2015, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies remained on top for the third week in a row with another $21.9 million, putting it over $220 million total.  It will probably be close this coming weekend whether this or Taken 3 will come out on top.

Into the Woods stayed in second with another $19.1 million and has made just over $91 million.

Unbroken also stayed in third with $18.4 million, putting it just shy of $88 million

The first new release of 2015, The Woman in Black 2, had a mediocre fourth place opening with $15 million, off $5 million from the original’s opening weekend and also off from last year’s horror movie kick off, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones.  It was also heavily front loaded on Friday, making over half of it’s take that day.  It didn’t cost that much to market or make, so it will most likely be profitable but expect it to tumble next weekend.

Night at the Museum 3 rounded out the top 5 with another $14.5 million and putting it just over $89.7 million.

The Imitation Game added a few more theaters and moved up to seventh with $8 million.

The Gambler dropped almost out of the top ten in it’s second weekend out, barely hanging onto the ninth place spot with $6.3 million.

Big Hero 6 actually managed to jump back into the top ten with another $4.8 million and swapping places with Wild.


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