May Movie Preview


May 1st

  • The Avengers: Age of Ultron: The Avengers must assemble again when Ultron, a rogue AI created by Tony Stark, decides the only way to save the Earth is to destroy all of humanity.

May 8th

  • Hot Pursuit: Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara star in this buddy comedy where Witherspoon is a local cop who gets tasked with protecting the widow of a major drug dealer so she can testify in court.

May 15th

  • Max Max: Fury Road: With original director George Miller back directing, the fourth entry in the Mad Max series finds Tom Hardy as Max, teaming up with Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa to track down a group of girls kidnapped by the psychotic Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne) and his gang of marauders.
  • Pitch Perfect 2: The Barden Bellas must enter an international a capella competition in order to regain their cred after a terrible performance at Lincoln Center.

May 22nd

  • Poltergeist: Sam Raimi produces this remake of the 80’s classic horror movie where a family moves into a new home and discovers it’s the home of an evil spirit.
  • Tomorrowland: Brad Bird’s mysterious new movie has Britt Robertson and George Clooney trying to unlock the secret of the titular hidden world.

May 29th

  • Aloha: The latest dramedy from Cameron Crowe stars Bradley Cooper as a celebrated military contractor who returns to the site of his greatest career triumphs and re-connects with a long-ago love while unexpectedly falling for the hard-charging Air Force watchdog assigned to him.
  • San Andreas: The Rock is a rescue pilot who heads into the destruction of Los Angeles to rescue his daughter when a massive earthquake literally breaks open the entire the state of California.


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