Review: Stan Lee’s Hero Command

Stan “The Man” Lee has been a huge ionic in all things super heroes. From rocking cameo roles in movies, leading his voice in video games, appearing in music videos, you can’t deny the power house of Stan Lee. We love Stan so much, that we would follow his command into battle if need be. Or smell like him

Enter F84 Games, and they created a great way to get your daily super hero fix and some Stan Lee appearances between Marvel movies. Stan Lee’s Hero Command is a Free To Play, third-person action/adventure game that allows players to tackle a universe filled with heroes and villains in a original story created by Stan Lee & F84 Games. Players can take control of 3 types of characters, each with different super powers and play styles. The current choices are; Captain Steamhammer, the armored brute. The Seer, a powerful sorceress. The Twins, a pair of aerobatic siblings that fight as one. Each set of characters have a origin told by cut scenes, and a arch-villain to square to face.

I was at ACBC this month and I got to try out Stan Lee’s Hero Command on a custom arcade cabinet that F84 created themselves.

Some of the missions of the game involve sneaking around a level to reach a goal undetected, brawling a small army of baddies for a certain defeat limit, or  reaching a massive size end boss to defeat. I played a level as Captain Steamhammer where my objective was to protect Stan Lee from a evil force in a Egyptian setting. Some people dislike escort missions since the escorted person is usually defenseless and you have to babysit, but not in this game. Stan was able to hold his own and figure out not to rush into battle without my character. It felt pretty cool to summon a massive fireball while Stan was punching some baddie in the face.


The gameplay was fast pace and a fun throw back to beat’em ups and dungeon crawlers of the past. It was accompanied by a simple control lay out that utilizes the space on mobile device (I also to played the game on the arcade set up also, super fun on a retro machine!). The music works well for a mobile game as it matches the chaos of battle or the thrill of sneaking in stealth. The art style is very colorful and exciting with a smooth looking character models, and a “chibi” Stan Lee handing out words of encouragement and celebrating my victory in combat.

There are challenges and objective to complete within the game to progress a character’s skill and level, with the option of premium currency to enhance the game. While I stopped by the F84 Games booth, I got an interview with the game’s creator Jeff Hardy.

[jwplayer mediaid=”20924″]


It’s was fun to meet another comic book fan and geek out about superheroes. It’s nice to know Stan Lee offered his full support on this project and really is nice guy off camera. My sweet bonus gift was one of these cut outs of Stan that I placed at my office in case I need a quick look of approval from one of the masters of nerd culture.

“Grandpa Stan Loves You”

I enjoyed Stan Lee’s Hero Command as a fun addition to my mobile game collection, with its fast pace action and easy pick and play style.

Stan Lee’s Hero Command is available free on the iOS and Android store.

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