Battle at the Box Office 1/11


The Force Awakens continues it’s quest for all time box office domination but The Revenant was close to toppling it.

The Force Awakens made another $41 million, bringing it to over $812 million domestically and, with the highest opening ever in China this weekend, it’s made $1.7 billion worldwide and took third from Jurassic World on the all time chart.

The Revenant expanded wide and took in $38 million, which is the fourth highest opening for Leonardo DiCaprio between Shutter Island and Django Unchained.  It was also the fifth highest January opening ever, knocking out Lone Survivor from the top 5.

Daddy’s Home dropped to third with another $15 million and the comedy has made over $116 million so far and proven a solid choice to counter program against Star Wars and it’s also been one of the only comedies since Christmas.

The Forest, technically the first new wide release of 2016, took fourth with $13 million, which is about on par with the other horror movies that have kicked off the last few years like The Woman in Black 2 or Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones but it also does not have great word of mouth coming out of the weekend so it will probably also do what those movies did, which is fall off drastically this coming weekend.

Sisters rounded out the top 5 with another $7 million, bringing it’s total up to $74 million.

Despite getting almost 5oo new theaters, The Hateful Eight took a pretty massive tumble, falling from third to sixth with $6.35 million, possibly due to the competition from The Revenant.  It was almost beaten by The Big Short, which also opened wide this past weekend and made $6.3 million, which is also down like The Hateful Eight from last weekend, despite opening in almost 1,000 new theaters this weekend.


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