Kevin Costner Gets a Ryan Reynolds Injection in Criminal (Trailer)


Ryan Reynolds is part of another bizarre experiment in the upcoming movie Criminal, where he’s a CIA agent killed in the field but his mind is placed into the body of Kevin Costner.  Costner is a ruthless criminal who is captured by the CIA and is injected with something that gives him Reynolds’ memories and emotions to try and find the location of a key asset in a safe house but Costner escapes and finds Reynolds’ wife (Gal Gadot) and daughter and decides to protect them from the CIA and other threats.  Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Oldman, Scott Adkins, Alice Eve, Michael Pitt and Jordi Molla co-star and Ariel Vromen, who directed the excellent crime biopic The Iceman, is directing.  The movie is out April and you can check out the trailer below.

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