Preview of Pax East 2017

Our trip to Pax East in Boston is just shy of a full day away and while we’re packing and arguing about which Boston food spots visit and we’ve been building up a list of games and publishers to hit up. The line up at Pax East has a healthy balance of up & coming Indie devs, Veteran Game Developers, and AAA Powerhouses, we’re excited to see and play them all. Here are a few games we will be seeing.

(And seriously, is the “Cheers” bar worth seeing in person? Is it still a huge tourist trap? Can you drunkly sing ‘WildSide’ at a Wahlburger for a discount?)

HackTag – Piece of Cake Studios

Semisphere – Vivid Helix

Starry Knight Hallie – Screenwavemedia

Dick Widle – Bolverk Games

Conarium – Zoetrope Interactive

Unannounced Game (Soda Drinker Pro 2?) – Will Brierly

Flipping Death – Zoink Games

Hob – Runic

Conan Exiles – Funcom

We’re looking forward playing these games and talking to the development teams when we’re in beantown this weekend. Stay tune to our social media and our site for more updates. But if your looking for more Pax East content while you wait, check out our coverage of last year’s Pax East 2016 series.

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