Review: Shu – Caverns of the Nightjars PS4 edition

Out now on the PS4 & PC, Shu: Caverns of the Nightjars  by Coatsink & Secret Lunch is the free DLC expansion that adds extra levels and character combinations to the already highly entertaining Shu game. The PC version had received the first 3 levels back in April, the PS4 version receives the completed expansion May 23rd. For those who haven’t picked up Shu from late 2016, Shu is a plathformer about a bird creature name Shu and the quest to save the world from the looming Storm. After losing their homes to the Storm, Shu and the local villagers (and the occasional Bull), sets off to save world from the Storm goal of total destruction.

Retro gamers will feel right at home with Shu’s game mechanics, having such similar style to many great plathformers from the SNES & Sega Genesis era. In the main game, there are 5 levels, with 3 acts in each level. Each level features unique mechanics to keep the levels fresh and the a good amount of focus to not be stale. On each level, Shu will encounter villagers that have special abilities that will aid them in traversing around the areas and will be used to solve quick platforming situations. The game is fast paced and encourages multiple revisits to collect every collectible or break every time trial record extra bragging rights.

The addition of Caverns of the Nightjar adds a nice extension to the game time with 6 new levels to explore, new character combinations to help navigate the levels, and new time trials to beat. There are a few parts where you feel like you are doing leaps of fates to determine if there is a landing zone or not; there is no hand holding to prevent you from jumping to your death, so explore carefully! Those who have previously played Shu should definitely grab the update to glide, smash, and time wrap around the new levels. Great controls, exciting game play, and a calming soundtrack that accents the game nicely, Shu on the PS4 provides a steady challenge that any gamer will find satisfying.

You can find Shu on Steam and more games from CoatSink.

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